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Our Services

Obsidian Advocacy Group specializes in a myriad of governmental consulting services. We leverage over 25 years of experience and strong bipartisan relationships to lead our clients through complex political landscapes, maximizing success by employing highly effective and innovative advocacy strategies.

Strategic Advocacy Planning 

Planning is at the foundation of all the successful advocacy strategies employed by OAG. At the onset of each client engagement, a review and analysis of the client’s goals and objectives is conducted. Thereafter, we work collaboratively to finalize the scope of work. Afterwards, we identify and discuss potential hurdles that may undermine OAG’s ability to accomplish specific deliverables in the desired timeframe. This is a critical step necessary to assess the feasibility of successfully meeting desired outcomes.

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Lobbying & Government Consulting 

One of OAG’s greatest strengths lies in its ability to help clients navigate a complex and highly polarized political landscape. OAG routinely achieves success by employing a variety of common-sense strategies and tactics that strengthen its client’s positioning in the legislative process. Moreover, we use real-time intelligence to help inform which day-to-day activities will be the most impactful in furthering a client’s overall goals and objectives. The diversity and extent of our bipartisan relationships, combined with a wealth of governmental project experience, uniquely qualifies OAG to represent the interests of its clients.

Public Policy & Budget Advocacy 

We have a demonstrated record of success securing state appropriations and grants. OAG's Founder and Managing Director is widely considered one of the most effective governmental consulting professionals in Michigan, assisting a myriad of clients achieve their goal of influencing the enactment of public policy. Moreover, we have significant experience representing some of Michigan’s largest businesses and organizations.

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Business Development & Procurement 

At OAG, we leverage relationships with a vast network of government insiders and key influencers on both sides of the aisle to help advise clients seeking assistance in the government contracting and procurement sector. Moreover, we have successfully assisted a myriad of clients desiring assistance with cultivating B2B and B2G opportunities.

Lobby Law Compliance 

OAG has the knowledge and expertise to keep clients compliant with the Michigan Lobby Law and Reporting Act as well as other municipal lobbying ordinances. We help advise and assist clients with the full accounting and reporting of any lobbying expenditures and activities.

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